Sunday, June 28, 2009

Back (Unfortunately not with a Shaq Attack)

Sincere apologizes for the month-long hiatus. I will make no excuses for such hair-brained behavior. I will, however, present you with a new blog I am contributing to with a fellow illustrator, Kathryn Veilluex, a.k.a. StudioRyn:

Speed of Flight

It's for world-building in-progress. I proposed the idea of making a comic together to Kathryn, and she agreed. However, we had no idea what our collaboration would be about. Hence, this blog. She suggested we simply start drawing, and develop the world and plot line as we drew characters and environments. Since we currently live about 400 miles apart, the quickest way to show each other ideas and progress is through a blog that you can enjoy as well!

I'll also take this opportunity to plug a blog that some friends of mine have been working on:

Good Technique: Improve Your Swagger

From the About section: "Techniques are elusive and need to be documented. I can only imagine how many concepts, retorts, and situational practices have been lost simply because they were never recorded. This blog was created as a way to preserve this art."

Well, I'm slowly but surely getting my groove back, so I will be "seeing" you shortly with more regular updates.