Saturday, May 10, 2008


Somehow, this was a draft in my blog for a couple of months and I never published it, because I thought I had. I apologize for that! Anyway, this was an illustration of a fortune cookie fortune, which informed me, "Depend on the steadiness and predictability of life to support you." I was so enraged by it that I devoured the cookie in one bite and illustrated it very sarcastically. Obviously I have anger management problems that should be addressed. Still, it made for a good acrylic painting.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


This was to illustrate the root of the word "Shenanigan." It was first used during the Gold Rush to refer to trickery or deceit of some sort. For this illustration I painted paper with acrylics, then scanned the paint and collaged in photoshop. The line work is pen and ink.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Get Smart

This was supposed to be for the most anticipated movies of 2008. I was assigned Get Smart, which opens in June I believe. This was brush and ink with photoshop.

Hawaiian Deli

Just an illustration following the theme of "Hawaiian vacation" with 50's inspired clothing. This was done with acrylics.

Project 501 submission

I submitted to Project 501 a while back. Nothing came of it, but at least I did it. Anyway, this was just pencil colored in photoshop.

Bathroom Signs

Some bathroom signs I made with cut paper and felt tip pen. Baberaham's makeup is gouache. The target audience for the bathroom signs was supposed to be the illustration department... And for some reason Abraham Lincoln jokes are very popular with the student body.

A Father and Son

This is just something I did for myself. These two are a father and son from my comic-in-development, Bad Grammar. "Yosh" is Japanese for something like "Yeah!" or "Alright!" I just drew this with a felt-tip pen and colored it in photoshop.

The Wino Squid

The Wino Squid is a creation of mine that appears in my assignments every now and then. Here he is illustrating that less is more (in gouache) and then finally becoming real. His longer tentacles were sewn with a sewing machine, the rest was done by hand. His wine of the day is a nice dry Prosecco.

Letter Patterns

These are some patterns made out of the letters "p" and "g." I drew the letters in ink and then scanned them and did the rest in photoshop.

Fruit Alphabet

Here we have an alphabet made out of fruits. I like to call it the "fralphabet." Originally each letter was painted on an individual postcard with gouache.

Good Country People

This is a diptych illustration Flannery O'Connor's short story "Good Country People." It's about a Bible salesman who seduces a one-legged woman, then steals her prosthetic. It was done with cut paper and colored with photoshop.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Turn Sheet and Costume Changes

More development work on Masa Ankat from "Zodiac."

Character Reference Sheets

Just some reference sheets for the main characters of an original storyline of mine, "Zodiac." The simplest way I can think of explaining it is: aliens based on animals, social unrest, interplanetary repo-men saving the galaxy.