Thursday, October 22, 2009


Just thought I'd drop down a few sketches. While working on chapter 2 of Bad Grammar, I of course felt it appropriate to change the outfits of the main characters. All except Michio. Of course, this will be commented on by the other characters.

And here are some sketches of Briana.

This here is just a bunch of random sketches/doodles. That poor ghost. :'(

Monday, October 19, 2009

Where the sketches are

So, I decided that it was too troublesome to have my sketches on an entirely different blog, even with the link... So they're officially going up here instead. Hooray! Also, I did a "Where the Wild Things Are" piece, seeing as it's all the rage now.

I did this with watercolor pencils, since I couldn't find my Koi watercolors... I hadn't used watercolor pencils in a couple of years, so that was fun. I also used those Ph Martin's watercolors, gotta love those super saturated colors. And the lines are with india ink, of course. I just wanted to do a fun fall piece-- and who doesn't love jumping in a pile of leaves?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Jess and Lizzie in: "Hey Jess?" and SPX interview

So SPX was a lot of fun, and overall successful in my mind. I'll definitely sign up again for next year! One of the many cool things that happened to me during the weekend: I was interviewed by a feminist podcast/blog, Fully Engaged Feminism! Here's the link:

I apologize in advance for the nervous laughter and constant clapping (can you tell I don't do these kinds of things often?) Also, I didn't recognize my own voice at first. I sound so much more high-pitched in my own ears.

Anyway, here's the second Jess and Lizzie comic, which was in the compilation we talked about (and you can see the booklet in all its hand-made, stapled glory in the bottom right-hand corner of the picture on the blog page).

And there you have it!

So, my checklist is getting pretty full. We have:

1) Continue Jess and Lizzie Series
2) SPX
3) ???
4) World Domination

So far, so good.