Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let's Get Some Color Up In Herrr

Thought I'd do that thing where I compare the sketch version to the finished version of some artwork... So here it is with a commission I did a few months ago.

The request was for a watercolor painting, and this was the sketch with some quick PS color thrown on...

And here's how it turned out! MAGIC. This ladybug and her pet aphid are now presumably hanging on the wall of a baby's room. Sweet.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Birch forest

Alright, I'll admit it. I have a huge thing for birch (or aspen) forests and artistic representations thereof. Throw in some skinny, white-barked trees and I am totally there. So when I wanted to test out some new hot press wc paper, I decided to draw some birch trees. Aw yeah. That's what I like.

Monday, October 18, 2010


So, my computer died quite a while ago, and while it's not fixed it IS mysteriously up and running right now. I thought I had lost all the files for my website, so this is tremendous news, seeing as I had the chance to back it all up onto my flash drive.

In the past few months I started writing a new comic, and drawing up a lot of character designs for it (I'm just now getting into environment designs and straight-up script writing and such). I won't say too much about it, except it's an adventure comic heavily inspired by Mayan mythology and Guatemala.

So here are some designs I've been working on for the two main characters... I thought it would be interesting to show the progress I made from earlier designs to what I have now.

This is the main character, who I'll call Maiz for now-- since according to Mayan mythology people were formed out of corn. I may or may not change it. Maiz is the inspiration for the whole story, since I wanted to do an adventure with a chubby female lead. I feel like there's practically nothing out there featuring an overweight female character, and the few things I have seen are frankly insulting. But I won't get into my rage right now. Here, have some more Maiz:

I've gotten into the habit of sometimes sketching with ink, and I really like the results... Although it is sometimes disconcerting to not be able to erase anything. But they're just sketches anyway.

Here's Maiz's faithful sidekick, who I'm calling the Blue Monkey for now (again, subject to change) after the Mayan astrological sign. As you can probably tell, the comic will be filled with anthropomorphic animals. I'll stop here for now, but expect to see more work related to this project in the future.